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What are affidavits?

An Affidavit is a document that you can use to make any declaration before any authority. For example, if you want to change your name officially you would need to sign a name change affidavit and file it before the concerned authorities. In that declaration you state that you want to change your name and provide relevant details. After rectifying it, you need to file it before the concerned authorities such as banks, universities, etc.

Requirement of an Affidavit

The affidavit provides an element of truth to the information stated by you in your documents, either before the court or the government. It also helps in acknowledging any change in your particulars such as name, address, etc. it may also be presented as an evidence in the court of law to state a fact.

Essentials of a valid Affidavit

  • Detailed description of the particulars that have changed (previous & new name)
  • Deponent’s Address
  • Deponent’s Age
  • Signature of a witness
  • Must be notarized

Its Types

Name Change

Name change affidavits help a person to change their name legally. The affidavit is required in case of a spelling mistake in the name, if a woman wants to change her maiden name, etc. The affidavit is necessary as it helps to recognise the new name on various documents, by submitting it to different authorities.

Address Proof

It is a document which helps in legally proving a person’s address when there are no other means to do the same. It is required to get PAN card, passport, driver’s license or whenever an authority requires an address proof.

Education Loan

When applying for an education loan an affidavit is a must. This affidavit is a declaration that no other loan has been taken by the student from any other bank. This affidavit is required in both cases whether applying for Indian institution or in abroad.

Gap in Education

The individual who decides to join an institution after a gap must provide a declaration for the same. Affidavit for gap in education is a declaration about the activities taken up by the student and that they were not involved in any kind of criminal activity in the gap period.

Signature Change

The individual who decides to change their signature for any bank accounts etc has to make an affidavit and submit the same to all concerned authorities.

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