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We collect all the necessary data from you
Process your data and suggest tax saving measures
Prepare and file the return

What is Goods & Service Tax?

The Goods and Services Tax, abbreviated as GST is a major tax reform which has consolidated various manners in which indirect tax was levied by Central and State tax departments as it has replaced the Service tax, VAT, Entry tax, Luxury tax, Purchase tax, etc. and brought them under one umbrella. It is a comprehensive tax on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services. 


Implemented in 2017, GST has now reached each and every corner of the country. As a part of GST compliance, every registered business has to file certain GST returns in specified intervals. As the GST system is totally online and every adjustment is done without any human intervention, it is imperative that all entities file their returns on time as non-filing does not only affect the concerned entity, it affects their customers too. Following are the returns to be filed by various dealer:

Dealer Type

Composition Dealer

Regular Dealer Turnover under 1.5 Cr

Regular Dealer Turnover 1.5 Cr or above

Returns to be Filed

GSTR 4 Quarterly

GSTR 3B Monthly

GSTR 1 Monthly

GSTR 9 Yearly

GSTR 1 Quarterly

GSTR 3B Monthly


GSTR 9 Yearly

GSTR 9 Yearly

While the returns to be filed are fixed, their due dates are often changed and extended by the council. however, it can be said that all the return be it monthly, quarterly or yearly, are required to be filed between 10th to 20th of the corresponding months. 

Consequences of delay in GST Filing

Delay in filing of return attracts a penalty of up to Rs 200/per day (maximum Rs 5000). Apart from late filing fees, one also has to pay an interest of 18%per annum.

What do you get from us?

Finology provides you with exclusive monthly, quarterly and annual plans, where you will not have to worry about the due dates or compliance requirements. We take care of all that for you. You just have to provide the required documents to our team. Apart from this, we will help you to sail through transitions undertaking in the GST regime.

What do we want from you?

  • List of all the sales invoices along with hsn/sac 
  • List of all the purchase invoices along with hsn/sac
  • Invoice for any fixed assets purchased during the month (to claim credit)
  • Invoice for any expenses incurred during the year (to claim credit)
  • Digital signature- in case of companies and llp

Advantages of Choosing Finology

Quick & Efficient

Utmost attention given to details. Ready to use templates. Saves time. Minimizes costs.

Convenient & Transparent

Access to requisite information at any time of the day. Just a click away.

End-to-End hand-holding

Client communication at the core. Professional and efficient handling of client's information because a happy client is the best referrer.