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What is Trademark Renewal?

A mark once registered as a trademark holds that status for a period of 10 years. You can however, keep renewing the term of the trademark every 10 years. When your trademark is about to expire, the Registrar sends you a reminder, 6 months before the expiry, asking you to renew your trademark. If you miss this date of renewal, you still have a chance to apply for renewal within the next 6 months on the payment of an applicable fee. However, if the trademark is not renewed within these 6 months (i.e. after the expiry date), your trademark will be removed from the register of trademarks. 

Why should you Renew your Trademark?

  • Failure to renew trademark registration takes away all your intellectual property rights in the mark and you will no longer be able to restrict others from selling under your name. 
  • Not renewing your registration leaves your mark unregistered and that leaves it open for registration again and anybody can apply for it in their name.
  • Your mark will lose its protection. You will not be able to challenge any use of your mark in the court of law.

Documents required for Renewal

  • Applicant’s details 
  • Trademark type
  • Trademark number
  • Trademark Class 
  • Trademark Picture

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